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Building Material Supplier

We have a huge fleet (around 40 vehicles) for supply of stone aggregrates like 6mm, 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, V.S.I and Non V.S.I materials, as well as Dust, crush sand, concrete sand, plaster sand, G.S.B, W.M.M, 40mm, Rubble, yellow soil (Mati), subgrade material (Mohram), etc.

We supply all types of Natural sand like Bodeli white sand, Nareswar white sand, Tapi black sand, Billimora local black sand, etc.

We also have supply of Gravel ( which is abstracted from natural sand ), used for filling purpose in road work.

Our co - partner Rajhans Metals, Chikhli is Our Production House for all the aggregrates.

Civil Contractor

We under take all kinds of civil work like land levelling, soil filling, road work, bridges work, society road work, commercial & residential project developing work, institutional & industrial project developing work, etc.

We have all types of construction equipments and machinery to achieve our work with quality, safety and on time for customer satisfaction.